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Blast Off to Learning
Blast Off to Learning
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Blast Off to Reading!® Reading Program with Online Games (Ages 7 to 13)

A Complete Orton-Gillingham Reading Program, Under $30!

For the complete program with the fun online games, all you need to purchase is the book.

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Includes App

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Bulk rates available.

Reading Program FAQ.

Attention Teachers - this program has distance learning tools!

Open the online app for Blast Off to Reading program for dyslexia, BlastOffToLearning.com

If you have trouble entering the code to access the appwatch this video.
If you are using an Apple devices and not hearing soundwatch this video.

Questions about the online app? See our FAQ.

Rev C books do not include the games and use a different App. Open the Rev C App.

What type of student is Blast Off to Reading for?

Blast Off to Reading!  is a reading program for students, ages 7 to 13, who are dyslexic or who simply struggle to read and spell. This is also very helpful for children with communicative issues, an auditory processing disorder, as well as a auditory discrimination problems.

How does this program work?

This Orton-Gillingham based reading program contains fifty lessons with five review lessons. The lessons will walk you through the process of teaching your student to read and spell. This is done systematically with short workbook exercises followed by the online games and tools. The program includes four components: 1) the online flash cards, 2) the online dictations, 3) the workbook, and 4) the online games. All you need to purchase is the book, everything else is included at no extra charge.

A typical lesson:

1) starts with a review using the online flash cards,
Phonics flash cards for dyslexia reading program, BlastOffToLearning.com

2) followed by reviewing the dictations (a spelling activity that you child does independently),

Dictations for Blast Off to Reading Program for dyslexia, BlastOffToLearning.com 

3) followed by the lesson & exercises from the workbook,

Step-by-step reading program lessons for dyslexia, BlastOffToLearning.com.

4) and then ending with the online or physical phonics games for reinforcement.
The workbook will tell you exactly what game to do.
Note that physical games must be purchased separately.

Phonics practice game for reading program for dyslexia, BlastOffToLearning.com When g sounds like a j, online app for reading program, BlastOffToLearning.com When c sounds like a s, online app for reading program, BlastOffToLearning.com Fun way to read words in isolation for our reading program, BlastOffToLearning.com Matching game to read words for our reading program, BlastOffToLearning.com Fun game to identify sounds for our reading program, BlastOffToLearning.com

Additional Items Available for Blast Off to Reading

Phonics Flash Cards

flash cards for Blast Off to Reading phonics reading program for dyslexia

Blast Off to Reading  comes with online flash cards, however, we offer physcial flash cards as an option to purchase. The size (2.5" x 3.5) and quality of these cards is like that of a typical poker card deck. Note that the cards are not shipped in lesson order and will have to be collated by you.

order here

Phonics Reference Chart

Phonics reference sheet for dyslexia, BlastOffToLearning

Laminated on card stock, this handy chart can be used for a quick review or to help find sounds when spelling.
This is also printed on the back of the workbook, however, you may find it helpful to have this handy when not using the book.

order here

Blast Off to Reading in the Classroom

Blast Off to Reading for the Smart Board and Distance Learning, BlastOffToLearning 

Our Blast Off to Reading program has a teacher's manual available to aide in presenting the lessons to your student(s), either remotely or in a class setting, using either a Smart Board or a computer screen.

The Blast Off to Reading Teachers' Manual is a Kindle e-book that can be accessed on a Mac, PC or Android device using Amazon's Kindle app.  The teachers' manual contains slides to present the lessons using a Smart Board or screen sharing software for distance learning. It can also be used on a laptop or tablet for one-on-one tutoring or teaching a small group.

Slides from the teachers' manual will illustrate the lessons in an organized, explicit manner, encouraging student participation. Lesson slides will be followed by all of the worksheets that are in the students' Blast Off to Reading workbook, which should be done together as a class (or as homework with a proficient reader). Note that each of your students should have their own Blast Off to Reading book so they can follow along with the lesson and do the excercises. They will also need the book to access the online app (the app will require a code word from the book). Check our our bulk rates.

The workbook, lessons and online tools promote phonemic awareness and contain the multi-sensory activities that are required for the Orton-Gillingham approach. Organized in a cumulative, structured manner, with repetition built in, your students won't miss any sounds or rules and will overcome their reading difficulties.

Download the Kindle App to your device that you will be using for screen sharing, purchase the Kindle e-book from Amazon and save to your device.

1798 pages

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download a sample lesson

See more information regarding distance learning and the Smart Board.

See our errata.

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