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Blast Off to Reading! ® - Reading Program for Ages 7 to 13

A Complete Orton-Gillingham Reading Program, Under $30!

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For the complete program, all you need to purchase is the book.
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Blast Off to Reading Program review Blast Off to Reading Program review Blast Off to Reading Program review

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What type of student is this reading program for?

Blast Off to Reading! ® is a reading program for students, ages 7 to 13, who are dyslexic or who simply struggle to read and spell. This is also a wonderful resource for children who have auditory discrimination issues, auditory processing disorder (APD), and other communicative problems.

How does this program work?

This Orton-Gillingham based reading program contains 50 lessons, plus 5 review lessons, which will gradually teach your student to decode and spell words using phonics, rules and memory cues. The lessons gradually build up to the next topic, offering repetition for reinforcement.

This program is laid out in a workbook format, so that you can just open it and teach; it will walk you through step by step. There is no need for training.

The program includes four components: 1) the online flash cards, 2) the online dictations, 3) the workbook, and 4) the online games. All you need to purchase is the book, everything else is included at no extra charge.

A typical lesson:

1) starts with a review using the online flash cards,

flash cards image

2) followed by reviewing the dictations (a spelling activity that you child does independently),


3) followed by the lesson & exercises from the workbook,

workbook for dyslexia

4) and then ending with the online or physical phonics games for reinforcement.
The workbook will tell you exactly what game to do.
Note that physical games must be purchased separately.

blast off game blast off game blast off game blast off game blast off game blast off game blast off game

Try the first 5 lessons!

Download the first five lessons.

Click here for the sample flash card app for lessons 1-5.

See our FAQ for our curriculums.

* If you don't have a PDF reader, click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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The browser that you run the HTML5 app on will require memory for local storage. If you have problems, please check your browser's settings.

Products Available for this Program

Flash Cards for Blast Off to Reading

flash cards for Blast Off to Reading phonics reading program for dyslexia

If you don't prefer our free online version of the flash cards, a physical set is available for purchase.
This is a set of 54, 2.5" x 3.5" coated cards (the size and quality of a regular set of poker cards).
These cards will not be collated, you will need to put them in the correct order (cards are numbered).



Phonics Reference Chart

phonics reference sheet for dyslexia

Laminated on card stock, this handy chart can be used for a quick review or to help find sounds when spelling.
This is also printed on the back of the workbook, however, you may find it helpful to have this handy when not using the book.



Check Out Our Physical Games & Tools for Reading Practice

the phonics matching game the silent 'e' matching game neighborhood phonics card game phonics board games phonics bingo game

Need math help? Check out our Just the Facts math book!

Super Awesome Books for Struggling Readers

Once your student has completed the long vowel lesson (lesson 19) in our program, he or she should begin reading books. The Simple Word Books will provide the challenge needed that will give your student the practice, leading to confidence and then fluency.

Simple Words Books fosters independent reading and boosts confidence in students that are dyslexic or those who struggle to read. These books are high-interest, low-level decodable chapter books for children, varying from 4000-8000+ words. The words used in these books are carefully chosen to be easily decodable and frequently used. Simple Words Books promotes fluency, comprehension, and confidence.

Set of 3, $35.00

Includes shipping, allow 2 weeks delivery, books ship separate from other items.
Includes PDF comprehension workbooks sent to your email.

Sam is Stuck

Quest #1, 8-12 years
paperback, 103 pages
by Cigdem Knebel

For Tim and Kim, a relaxing boat ride with their parents turns into a rescue mission. Sam, a talking fish, is stuck in the rocks He can't get out. Can Tim and Kim help? Will Sam the Cod Fish ever be free?

Fox Hunt

Quest #2 8-12 years
paperback, 101 pages
by Cigdem Knebel

The Kents are on a camping trip at Camp Split Rock. They plan to spend all their time fishing, grilling and relaxing. But a friendly fox, named Pip, turns their plans upside down. Together they uncover the biggest pet scam ever!

Back to the Past

Quest #3 8-12 years
paperback, 103 pages
by Cigdem Knebel

Tim and Kim are at Camp Diggin to dig for fossils. The camp is almost bankrupt and Mr. Prill tries to save his camp. A black box,on its way to the trash, brings the kids to a land of adventure. Can they save the camp with some help from friendly dinosaurs?

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