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Remote Teaching / Screen Sharing

Whether you're teaching a class with a Smart Board, tutoring from a distance or teaching a class remotely, most of our programs have a teachers' manual (for presentation). This manual is an electronic Kindle e-book that can be screen shared with your student(s) using the Kindle app, which is available for the PC, Mac, and Android devices. The manual contains lesson slides to present the lesson, followed by images of the students' workbooks.

Since holding your students' attention is more difficult when distance learning, lesson plans should be:

highly structured and well planned,

vary in their presentation, and

be clear and concise.

Each student should have a their own reading program workbook that goes with the program you'll be using  (click here for bulk rates). Since some of our programs utilize online tools, your student will need a book to access these apps with a code that will be found in their book. They will also need the book to do the pages with the class or as homework. As a teacher, you do not need a copy of the workbook since the teachers' manual will contain the students' workbook pages at the end of the lesson slides for each lesson.

Presenting the Lesson to Your Class

Our programs are extremely easy to use and are very affordable. Using the teachers' manuals for a class makes it even easier. For each lesson, there will be a few slides that will introduce the new topic followed by several more slides for illustration. After that, each slide will contain the image of the students' workbook page. This makes it easy for you to see what your students see in their books. You can do these pages as a class or assign them as homework.

To vary the lesson, we recommend that you utilize our online resources (the Letter Tiles App or the online games that go with the program you're using). This will keep your students engaged, and, if you're using a sharing screen program that offers screen collaboration where others can interact with the screen you're sharing, your presentation will be even more engaging.

Click Here for Zoom Tips and Troubleshooting

Blast Off to Learning's Remote Teaching / Screen Sharing Products

Did you know that you can access any Kindle book on your PC, Mac, or tablet?
All you need to do is download Amazon's free Kindle app to the device you want to screen share with and open the downloaded book.

To download Amazon's Kindle App, click here.

Click on your program below to learn more about the distance learning tools available for that program.

I Can Fly Program, ages 5 to 7 Blast Off to Reading Program, ages 7 to 13

I Can Fly Reading Program, Book A

I Can Fly Reading Program, Book B

Blast Off to Reading

Also Available as a Remote Teaching Tool - Math Stories

For visual learners who have trouble memorizing the difficult math facts, we use very short stories. The stories gives a visual, which the student can easily remember. This Kindle book contains slides which introduce the math facts as a story, and then has slides that includes elements of the story in equation form. Also available as a PDF.

Learn more about the 3rd grade math curriculum for visual learners.

Math Stories Picture

Zoom Tips and Troubleshooting

Note that we do not endorse or recommend Zoom for screen sharing since we are aware of security risks regarding use of this program. We do recommend using Microsoft Teams, which is a free screen sharing program.  You can download Teams here. If you are using Zoom and are have questions, the following may help.

My student is not hearing the sound on the app - Zoom has a setting called "Share Computer Sound" which must be enabled. You can see this at 0:28s in on this video.

The Blast Off app is not running on my student's computer - If you are screen sharing with your student, and you open up one of our HTML5 apps, your student will only be able to see the app. You will have to grant remote access for your student to play. To do this go to 2:10 on this video. To pass control back and forth, the one who wishes to gain control should simply click on his/her mouse. This can be seen at 5:58 on the video. Note that remote access is included in the free version of Zoom. If you can't find how to enable this feature, go to 9:10 on the video for instructions.

My student uses a Chromebook and can't play the games when using Zoom. - If you (the teacher) are trying to grant remote access so your student can use the apps (games) from our website remotely on their Chromebook, you will have to give remote access outside of the Zoom program. This is because there is an issue with granting remote access with Zoom on Chromebooks. You can read about this here. To grant access to students with Chromebooks, you should use the Chrome extension instead. The steps to do this are below.  

  1.  The teacher should install the Google Remote Desktop on the Chrome browser. To do this open the browser and go here.
  2. The teacher should click on "get support", then install (go through the installation process).
  3. Then click "Generate code", and give this code to the student.
  4. The student should go to the link above, enter the code in the field under "Give Support" and click on  "connect". The student will have access to your computer and can play the games.

Your can watch a video that explains how to do the above here.

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