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I Can Fly ® Reading Program with Online Games (Ages 5 to 7)

An Orton-Gillingham Reading Program for the Young Student

For the complete program with the fun online games, all you need to purchase are the books!

I Can Fly Reading Program review I Can Fly Reading Program review I Can Fly Reading Program review

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Reviews for Book A  / Reviews for Book B

Teachers - Learn About Smart Board and Distance Learning!

Edition 1 - Color

Edition 1 - Color

$24.25 each

Includes App

Book A
206 pages

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Book B
202 pages

buy at Amazon

Edition 2 - Black & White

Edition 2 - black and white

$9.95 each

Includes App

 Book A
194 pages

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Book B
174 pages

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Bulk rates available

You do not have to purchase both books to access the app.

Click the image below to open the online games & tools for this reading program. Then save it to your home screen or favorites on your device before entering the code from the book.

Click here for the app.

Trouble entering the code? Watch a video on how to find the code.
Apps not playing soundWatch a video how to get sound.

Not sure about the games? Visit our FAQ for the online games.

What type of student is this reading program for?

This reading program is perfect for any young student who is just learning to read, especially those who may be dyslexic or who are not grasping the concepts of reading and writing (spelling) when compared to his or her peers. This is also a wonderful resource for children who have speech delays, auditory discrimination issues, auditory processing disorder (APD), as well as other communicative problems.

How does this program work?

Teach the lesson from the book and then have your student do the worksheets followed by playing the online games for reinforcement. Most of the games can be played independently, and, as your student plays, data will be collected so you can see the student's progress. The app has six slots for six different students. Each student will collect coins as they play and create their own train layout, with a train that runs, and their own farm, with animals they can feed.

* Easy to Use * No Training Needed *

Workbook page sample I Can Fly Game App

Data is collected as your student plays the fun games.

App Games metrics chart for student

Earn coins to 1) create a train layout with a train that runs, 2) build a farm, 3) and feed the farm animals.

train store farm store feed store

Sounds and Rules Explicitly Taught

Program Sequence Program Sequence

Promotes decoding & spelling, creating confident readers!

You can check out the online game for 10 minutes of free play.

See our FAQ for our curriculums.

Phonics Reference Chart for the I Can Fly Reading Program

phonics reference sheet

Laminated on card stock, this handy chart can be used for a quick review or to help find sounds when spelling.
Note that this is printed on the back cover of the workbooks, however, you may wish to have the laminated sheet separate for convenience.



I Can Fly Reading Program in the Classroom

I Can Fly Reading Program for the Smart Board and Distance Learning

This reading program implements an Orton-Gillingham, structured literacy approach. Lesson plans are laid out so that nothing is missed and little prep work is needed. Your students will be walked through the process of learning to read in a cumulative, repetitive manner. All they need is a copy of each book (see our bulk rates) and they will have complete access to the fun online games which will reinforce the lessons. You can check out the online app, which can be played on any browser (on the code access page, select to try the game for ten minutes). As your students play, the app will collect data which can be emailed to you by way of a screen shot so you are aware of your students' progress.

Present the lesson to your students with the teachers' manual e-book. Each lesson consists of several slides to demonstrate the new sound or rule followed by all of the pages that are in the students' workbooks.

The teachers' manuals (for books A & B) are Kindle e-books which, using the Kindle App on your device, can be projected to a Smart Board or screen shared for distance learning using a screen sharing program such as Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

Download the Kindle App to your device that you will be using for screen sharing, purchase the Kindle e-book from Amazon and save to your device.

Edition 1 - Book A
388 pages

buy at Amazon

Edition 1 - Book B
446 pages

buy at Amazon

Edition 2 - Book A
377 pages

buy at Amazon

Edition 2 - Book B
416 pages

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download a sample lesson

Letter to the Parent for Program Instructions

See more information regarding distance learning and the Smart Board.

See our errata.

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