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Join Our Free No Fee Referral Network of Tutors

Team of tutors on Long Island

* Blast Off to Learning Press is a subsidiary of Blast Off to Learning, LLC *

Blast Off to Learning (RSLI) connects teachers to students without any referral fees. If you are a reading teacher, with Orton-Gillingham experience, please fill out the form below to join our network.

As an educator, you may be looking for effective teaching tools that you can use in your tutoring sessions and in the classroom. We offer reading programs that have online games which  your students will enjoy. Our programs are very structured so that little planning is needed. Please read more about tutoring with our programs. We also have teachers' manuals for presenting lessons to a class, with a Smart Board, or for remote teaching (distance learning).

By sending your information to us to join our free referral network, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. All payments between you and the student are set and collected by you.

  2. All matters of tutoring are between you and the client. RSLI will not take part in any disputes.

  3. This is a free referral service that exempts RSLI from all liabilities.

  4. While you are free to use any materials you like, RSLI does recommend our reading programs and tools. Please click here to learn more. Note that the client may request that you use our programs and tools.

  5. RSLI does not guarantee that you will be placed with a student.

  6. By submitting your information to RSLI you are granting permission for this information to be posted on this site. We will not share your information with anyone.

Instructions to Submit Your Information

Click on the email below.

Copy the information below and paste it into the email. Change the fields as instructed. Attach a picture of yourself to the email and send.

If your email system does not open when clicking on the email above, then you will have to manually type our email address into the address field.

What is your name?

What are your certifications and what state are you certified in?

Enter a few paragraphs to "sell" yourself.

TYPES OF SERVICES: list your services here

EXPERTISE: Describe your main areas of expertise here.

AGES: list the student ages that you can accept

AREAS: List the areas you are willing to travel to AND if you are able to tutor remotely.

* Please include a picture of yourself that we can post on our site. *

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