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Orton-Gillingham Approach for 3rd Grade Math!
Visual Math for the Dyslexic Student & Visual Learner

Just the Facts! Workbook #3 is perfect for students who have mastered addition and subtraction and are ready to learn multiplication, division, and many other math related topics that include these operations. This workbook, 8.5" x 11", has 45 lessons (247 pages) that, like our reading programs, easily walks you through teaching your student math, it's cumulative with repetition. It also utilizes pictures whenever possible to illustrate a concept. Each lesson is done with the student, side-by-side, followed by 1 to 3 pages of independent work.

What makes this math curriculum different than others is that it repeats older material, so concepts are not forgotten. It is also different in that it is designed specifically for visual learners, utilizing many visual aids.

This curriculum is in-line with common core for third grade; the grade in which teachers and parents often start to notice their students struggle with math, especially the students who have struggled with reading and/or may have memory difficulties.

See book sample.

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Just the Facts!™ Math Stories!

A fun, easy way to memorize hard to learn math facts.

Math Stories Picture

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To access the slides on your PC, Mac or phone, download the Kindle App, click here.

Many math facts can be found by skip counting, however, some math facts are more difficult and can more easily be committed to memory by using very short, simple stories with visual images. Math Stories is designed to introduce stories for these difficult to remember facts. The slides introduce the math facts as a story, which are then followed by slides that ask the student questions about the story. These are followed by slides which uses elements of the story in equation form. Simply scroll through these slides once a day for several days. It won’t be long before your student has these math facts memorized.

Math Stories covers the math facts below.

math facts covered by Math Stories

example of Math Stories

Trouble with the 9 times tables?

example of 9x3=27 with hands

See the amazing hand method for an easy way to find the answer!

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