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Our Resources for Dyslexia

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Reading Programs

Our Orton-Gillingham based reading programs for dyslexia are effective and affordable. If you're a teacher, tutor or parent, our programs will guide you through the process of teaching a dyslexic student how to read. Dyslexic students need a systematic, structured program that teaches every sound and rule. This needs to be done in a clear, cumulative manner. In addition, programs must be multisensory and repetitive.

We offer three programs for three age groups. Programs are not a prerequisite to the next.

I Can Fly Reading Program, ages 5-7

Phonics Reading Program for Autism and Dyslexia

The I Can Fly Reading Program is for young children who may have difficulties  learning to read due to speech delays, autism, down syndrome, auditory processing disorder, and dyslexia*.

This incudes two lesson-based workbooks that will walk you through the process of teaching your youngster to read. It also includes a web app that will offer your child practice while having fun earning coins that can be spent in one of the three stores.

* Dyslexia is not usually diagnosed in this age group. If you have a family member who is dyslexic, and your child has trouble with speech, trouble rhyming, or has trouble memorizing things such as days of the week, it is possible that your child could be dyslexic. Regardless, a reading program like this will only help your child become a better reader and speller.

Learn more about the I Can Fly Reading Program.

Blast Off to Reading, ages 7-13

Reading Program for Dyslexia for ages 8 to 13

Blast Off to Reading is for the student who is not reading at grade level when compared to his or her peers despite adequate reading instruction. Students in this age group usually are highly deficient in spelling, read slowly, and take the "wild guess" when they come upon a word they don't know. This is the age group where students start to memorize words by sight and read at a second to third grade level.

These students need to start from the beginning. They need to be taught all of the sounds and how they are put together to form words. Often programs like this are geared for younger students, which may be insulting to students in this age group. This program, however, is designed for these kids. The lessons are not "babyish", and the online app contains many activities that are suited for these students.

Learn more about the Blast Off to Reading Program.

A Workbook for Dyslexics, ages 13+

Orton-Gillingham Reading Program for Adults

A Workbook for Dyslexics is for older students and adults who have not yet learned to read.  This program follows the same scope and sequence as Blast Off to Reading, however, since it is for older individuals, the word lists and exercises are longer.   Since this program is for adults (or young adults), the sentences are more mature, and imagery is only used for instructional purposes.

This program comes with a web app that contains the electronic version of the flash cards and the online audio dictations.

NNote that this program, like Blast Off to Reading, starts at the beginning, putting two sounds together (consonant and vowels). This may seem overly basic for students in this age category, however, it is very important to start with a solid foundation before moving on to more complex sounds.

Learn more about A Workbook for Dyslexics.

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