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Bulk Prices & Order Information

Bulk rates are only available to public and private schools as well as registered tutoring facilities.

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To place a bulk order for 15 or more books:

1) Fill in the form below to get an automated quote.

2) Email your purchase order to

* All vendor information will be included in the quote. *

For public school districts only, payment will be net 45 (fees will be applied for late payments).
Non-public school orders will ship after payment is made.

Books usually ship in 5 to 10 business days via UPS Ground.

* Because of COVID19, books are taking 15 business days to ship. *

* For Canadian orders, there may be up to a 15% tax fee added to the total.  You will be notified before the order is finalized.*

* For orders outside the USA (other than Canada) there may be additional fees, and in some cases we will be unable to fill the order. *

Our NYCDOE vendor number is CHE687655.

Bulk Order Pricing & Quote Form

To request a quote, please fill out the form below.

Name of Company/School

Contact email

Contact Name

Shipping Address (please include zip code)

Note: the total quantities must be 15 or greater.

Click here for our Return Policy.

Blast Off to REading for One-On-One Blast Off to Reading! ® One-On-One
ISBN: 978-0983199632

$13.25 each

A Workbook for Dyslexics A Workbook for Dyslexics, 3rd ed
ISBN: 978-0983199663

$16.75 each

I Can Book A I Can Fly ®  Reading Program, Book A, Ed 1
ISBN: 978-0983199670 (color)

$10.75 each

I Can Book B I Can Fly ® -Reading Program, Book B, Ed 1
ISBN: 978-0983199687 (color)

$11.25 each

I Can Fly Book A, Edition 2 black and white I Can Fly ®  Reading Program, Book A, Ed 2
ISBN: 979-8634276991 (black & white)

$7.75 each

I Can Book Fly Book B - edition 2, black & white I Can Fly ® Reading Program, Book B, Ed 2
ISBN: 979-8635968536 (black & white)

$7.75 each

Just the Facts! Workbook #3 Just the Facts! Workbook #3 (color interior)
ISBN: 978-0983199618

$15.75 each

Just the Facts! Workbook #3 Just the Facts! Workbook #3 (black & white)
ISBN: 978-1697401103

$9.75 each


Check out our electronic teachers' manuals for the Smart Board and remote teaching!


Note that our Blast Off to Reading! classroom books have been discontinued, since we are able to provide a better discount with the single book. If you have used the classroom books in the past and would like to order more, please contact us.

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