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Blast Off to Reading - Teacher's Guide
Page 226 - Lesson 3, #11 should read: The cat is on my lap.

Blast Off to Reading - Student's Workbook
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Blast Off to Reading - One on One
Table of Contents - for Lesson 12 should be page 65.
Page 218 - The instructions for the instructor should indicate that there are no dictations for the lesson (Lesson 41).
Page 269 - Lesson 3, #1 should read: The cat is on my lap.

I Can Read - Book A
nothing at this time

I Can Read - Book B
nothing at this time

 A Workbook for Dyslexics, 3rd Edition
On page 5, under Reading Program Instructions, the website is printed with "you" instead of "your."
On page 11, in the directions at the top, the word "let's" is missing the apostrophe.
On page 36, exercise 7.2, number 3 should read: "My brother and his friend"



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