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Free Printables

Get the free Adobe PDF reader: click here

Monster Phonics Card Games

monster phonics card games

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These free printables are excellent games to reinforce phoneme awareness.
We recommend printing on heavy stock paper. Cut along the guidelines, so that you have three piles (the middle pile is thinner than the others). A rotary cutter is recommended.

To see a video on how to play: click here

(note that the video shows the original version)

Monster Phonics - CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant): click for PDF
Monster Phonics - Beginning Blends: click for PDF
Monster Phonics - Ending Blends: click for PDF
Monster Phonics - VC'e' (vowel-consonant-e, such as "fine"): click for PDF
Monster Phonics - VV (vowel teams for long vowel sounds): click for PDF
Monster Phonics - Original Version (use after long vowel lesson): click for PDF

Paper that we recommend:

Alphabet Sheets for Practice Writing Letters

If your student needs help writing the letters of the alphabet, use the sheet below for practice.

printable for practice in writing the alphabet
Click here to download

Number and Letter Reversals

b-d Reversal SheetLowercase 'b' and 'd' are the most difficult to master, since they have the same shape. To help remember the direction of the letters, we try to provide a framework by using the uppercase letters, 'B' and 'D', which are rarely reversed. The exercise below is often helpful in teaching the direction of the letters. This is an exercise that will need to be repeated daily for reinforcement. Simply have your student follow the instructions. In time, these reversals will diminish.

b d reversal sheet pic
click here

For more on letter and number reversals, click here.

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