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Resources for dyslexia for parents, teachers and tutors,

Resources for Dyslexia

For Parents,
and Tutors

We even have distance
learning tools!

We have the number one reading program for dyslexia on Amazon

Orton-Gillingham Based Reading Programs for Dyslexia

HResources for dyslexia for parents, teachers and tutors,

Resources for Dyslexia
For Parents, Teachers, and Tutors

We even have distance learning tools for dyslexia!

Orton-Gillingham Reading Program for Ages 5-7 Orton-Gillingham Reading Program for Ages 7-13 Orton-Gillingham Reading Program for Adults

Dyslexia Reading Programs for All Ages

Lesson based workbooks for dyslexia which includes online games and tools.

We have the number one reading program for dyslexia on Amazon

Reading Programs for Dyslexia with Online Games & Tools

Reading programs for dyslexia with online games and tools.

You Can Teach Your Dyslexic Child to Read!

Using our lesson-based workbooks for dyslexia with fun online apps, you will be guided step-by-step. Lessons are structured to not be overwhelming and to instill confidence. No training is needed, just open the book and teach. Kids enjoy our programs, not just because of the fun apps, but because they're not frustrated, and they know they're learning. All apps come with the program, no subscriptions and no fees, just buy the books on Amazon or other online retailer. There really isn't an easier, more effective way to help your child.

Apps for dyslexia - can be played on most browsers,
Phonics games for dyslexia can be played on most browsers,

Why Our Programs Are So Effective

Our first reading program was published in 2006, and since then we've gone on to create even better programs based on years of teaching. Knowing first hand what works and what doesn't is key in creating effective programs, games and teaching tools.

dyslexia reading program with games review
Most effective reading program for dyslexia review.
Online games for dyslexia make the reading program for dyselxia awesome.
Fun and effective reading program for dyslexia.
Great reading program for struggling readers.
Dyslexia reading program that kids love.

Why Choose our Orton-Gillingham Reading Programs for Dyslexia

All of our programs use the Orton-Gillingham approach, which has been proven over many decades to be the best, most effective way to teach a dyslexic student to read. Read more about this method and how our programs use this approach.

Our reading programs are cumulative with built in repetition. To avoid frustration, your student will not be expected to read what has not yet been taught. They will gradually build their reading skills and gain confidence. Our reviews and direct experience show that students finally feel successful using our programs.

Our programs are flexible. If your student needs extra help in a specific sound or rule, simply add more time to the online activities for your reading program.

Our programs stand alone. You do not need to go through each of our reading programs, they stand alone for your child's specific age group. One reading program is not a prerequisite to the next. Our goal is to get the student to read at grade level as quickly as possible. Once the program is completed, your student should gain fluency by reading real books that interest them using the side-by-side reading method.

All online games and tools, from this website, for your reading program are included. All you need to do is open the app and enter the code from the book that it asks for, and you are good to go! No extra fees or subscriptions!

Our programs are perfect for schools and tutoring companies, offering bulk rates and distance learning tools. This is the simplest, most affordable Orton-Gillingham reading program on the market, ensuring you cover all sounds and rules in a fun, effective manner.

dyslexia reading program for parents dyslexica reading program for schools dyslexia reading program for tutors

Teaching not for you? Choose a tutor from our network.

We offer no fee tutor referrals.

We are working toward offering a FREE tutor referral service. This is still in the works and teachers may not be available at this time.

** Attention Teachers **

If you're a teacher, with Orton-Gillingham experience, learn about joining our NO FEE tutor referral network!

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