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List of Common Homophones


Below is a list of common homophones, words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Note that the definitions may be simplified for a student under the age of 13. In addition, for some words having multiple definitions, not all the definitions will be listed. Get the PDF homophone worksheet!

ate - The past tense of "eat".
eight - The number after seven.
blew - The past tense of "blow".
blue - A color.
bread - A type of food made from flour and yeast.
bred - The past tense of "breed" buy- To purchase something.
bye – A short way of saying “farewell”.
by – Near, as in I went “by” his house.
cereal - Something eaten in a bowl with milk.
serial - Having to do with a series.
dear - In high regard.
deer - An animal that lives in the woods.
die - To pass from living to being dead.
dye - A substance used to change color in something.
fair - A place with rides and food.
fair - To be pretty.
fair - Without cheating.
fare - The cost of riding a bus.
flew - The past tense of "fly".
flu - A sickness.
flour - A powder needed for baking cake and bread.
flower - Something that blooms from a plant.
four - The number after three.
for - A purpose or goal.
grate - To make into small pieces.
great - Something big or wonderful.
groan - A deep moan.
grown - Mature.
hair - Growth from the skin that covers your head.
hare - A mammal similar to a rabbit.
here - A place.
hear - To listen.
heard - The past tense of "hear".
herd - A group of animals.
high - Opposite of low.
hi - A greeting.
hole - An opening in something.
whole - The entire thing.
hour - Sixty minutes.
our - Relating to oneself and another.
in - The opposite of "out".
inn - A place that lodges people who travel.
it's - A contraction for "it is".
its - Ownership.
knew - Past tense of "know".
new - Opposite of "old".
knight - A man who wore armor and fought for a king or queen.
night - The opposite of "day".
knot - A cluster of something that is hard to undo.
not - Negative.
know - To understand something.
no - The opposite of "yes".
made - To construct something.
maid - A job where one cleans.
mail - A letter or package sent.
male - The opposite of female.
main - The chief part of something.
mane - The hair that grows on a horse's neck.
meat - Food that is made from animals.
meet - To agree to come together at a planned time.
pail - Another word for "bucket".
pale - Skin that has little color.
pain - To hurt in a spot on the body.
pane - A sheet of glass in a window.
pair - A set of two things.
pear- A Fruit.
peace - A state of no war.
piece - A part of something.
picture - An image of someone or something.
pitcher - A container used for pouring liquids.
pitcher - A person who throws a ball to a batter in baseball.
plain - Not fancy.
plain - Flat land with no trees.
plane - A short word for "airplane".
plane - A flat surface.
rain - Water that falls from the sky.
reign - A king or queen does this.
read (/red/) - The past tense of "read".
read - To convert written characters to words.
red - A color.
reed - A woody plant.
right - The opposite of "left".
right - The opposite of "wrong".
rite - A cerimony.
write - To form words with a pen or pencil.
road - A strip of land that cars can drive on.
rode - The past tense of "ride".
sail - A fabric used on ships.
sale - When something can be purchased.
cent - The value of a penny.
sent - The past tense of "send".
scent - A smell has this.
sea - A large body of salt water.
see - We use our eyes for this.
seen - The past tense of "see".
scene - A place, often in a play or show.
sell - To exchange something for money.
cell - A small room.
some - A little bit.
sum - The answer when adding.
sore - Hurt, or a part that is in pain.
soar - To fly.
steak - A piece of beef.
stake - A strong wooden or metal post with a pointy end.
stare - To intensely look at someone or something.
steal - To take something that isn't yours.
steel - A metal.
sun - The star in our solar system that gives light and heat.
son - Opposite of "daughter".
tail - A body part of many animals.
tale - A story.
team - A group of people who play a game together.
teem - A large amount of something, such a rain.
their - Belonging to or ownership.
there - A place or a point in time.
threw - The past tense of "throw".
through - Moving in one side and then out the other side.
to - A direction.
too - Also or many.
two - The number after one.
waste - Garbage.
waist - The area around the middle of your body.
weak - The opposite of "strong".
week - Seven days, Sunday to Saturday.
wait - To stop or pause for something.
weight - A number that a thing weighs.
where - A place.
wear - What we do with clothing.
which - A decision to make.
witch - A person who does black magic.
won - The opposite of "lost".
one - A number indicating a single something.
wood - A substance from trees that is used to build things.
would - The past tense of "will".
your - When relating to a possession.
you're - A contraction for "you are".

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