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9 Times Math Facts Using Hands

Using hands to find the nine times facts is a fun, easy way to learn your 9 times table facts.
This visual method is often very helpful for visual learners.

Each finger gets a number associated with it (see below). When you multiply 9 by a number, that numbered finger goes down. The answer (or product) is the two digit number that is created by the fingers that are still up. The first digit is to the left of the finger that’s down, and the second digit is to the right of the finger that’s down.

each finger has a number

For example: 9 x 3 The finger with the 3 on it does down and the remaining fingers that are still up make a 2 (on one side of the finger that’s down) and a 7 (on the other side). Put those digits together and you get 27. 9 x 3 = 27

example of 9x3=27 with hands

entire 9 times facts using fingers

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Just the Facts Math Workbook for 3rd Grade

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